Center for American Progress: Workplace Discrimination Faced By Bisexual + Other LGBT Workers

“The prevailing logic has remained that if I am out as a bisexual woman, I must be asking for something: discrimination, harassment, or even sexual assault.” — Faith Cheltenham

No one should ever feel that they are “asking” for discrimination, harassment, or sexual assault, either in or out of the workplace. Unfortunately, however, many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, individuals are made to believe they deserve discrimination simply due to their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Faith Cheltenham of BiNet USA recounts her experiences of sexual harassment in her workplace when disclosing her bisexuality to her colleagues; even her supervisor said that she was asking for sexual innuendos from co-workers.

In addition to describing her experiences as a black bisexual woman—which were more difficult in large part due to the multiplier effect of sexual orientation and race-based discrimination and bias… According to Cheltenham:

It is unfair that so many bisexual women like me have to choose between being visible and being safe at work. It’s unjust that so many LGBTQ people have to choose between being employed and being open in their identity.

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But it’s so ridiculous when people are like “It doesn’t make sense for Dean to be bi. He’s flirted with way more women than he has men.”

It’s like ok a) you just admitted that canonically Dean flirts with men on the show, b) it would make sense for Dean’s character to be repressing his attraction to men and emphasizing his attraction to women, and c) there is no 50/50 rule for being bisexual. 

valid points, but you know why it doesn’t make sense for Dean to be bisexual? BECAUSE JENSEN ROSS ACKLES FUCKING SAID HE WASN’T AND HE IS DEAN MOTHER FUCKING WINCHESTER SO SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

Nah, I’m not gonna “sit the fuck down,” because it’s important to me for people to know the things I pointed out. And queer representation is more important to me than anything a straight actor says.

Maybe you should examine why people discussing the possibility of Dean being bi makes you so incredibly uncomfortable that you feel the need to shout and curse. Just saying. (Hint: it’s probably biphobia.)

Instead, I’ve discovered that gender identity is, for me, never resolved, never clear. I am and am not a man. I am transgender. I am very sure of this and not at all sure what it means. The same is true for her with bisexual identity. Bisexuality is not a corridor through which one moves from straight to lesbian (or vice versa). It is a constant both-ness that can sometimes feel like a neither-nor proposition. It is both something and nothing. “Are you a boy or a girl?”: Our trans-bisexual love story - (via cbrachyrhynchos)

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"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager

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